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Unmasking Ourselves: The Courage to Be Fully Me
Unmasking Ourselves: The Courage to Be Fully Me

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Part five of the series "Authenticity". To live authentic means to live unapologetically. Do you walk around projecting one image to the world though struggling internally with who you really are? Well, you are not alone! Come hear the stories of those who’ve risked it all for the sake of self-discovery and transformed their lives in the process. Authenticity cannot be achieved in our lives if we insist on pretending to be something we are not, doing things we are not passionate about, and suppressing who we really are for others comfort. It’s time to unmask yourself and live in the freedom we have been given in Christ!
Panelists: Robert Sherrill,Chasity Robertson, Phil Thornton
Moderator: Dacari Middlebrooks

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