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The Life of Jesus: part one
The Life of Jesus: part one

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Part one of the series "The Life of Jesus". The Christian experience and the entire Christian faith is centered on the person of Jesus. According to NT scholar, Luke Timothy Johnson, the reason for Christianity to be centered on Jesus is simple, “the one who appeared to the disciples as the risen Lord was identified with the same Jesus who had died by execution on the cross. The man they had known as one who preached, healed, and suffered, they now knew as the powerful bestower of the Spirit.” The gospel accounts are a retelling of the story of the life of Jesus. We are provided information on his lineage, the announcement of his birth, life, death, burial and resurrection based on the historical memory of those who had firsthand accounts of what took place in the life of Jesus during his 33 years on earth. The sort of retelling based on historical accounts and memory is not to be restricted to the mental activity of individual, but according to biblical historians, this sort of memory is expressed by the Greek term, anamnēsis, “which is a recollection of the past that enlivens and empowers the present.” This type of memory is found in the ritual and verbal activity of the communities, which was a common practice in the Jewish culture.

Scripture Reference
  • Luke 1:31-32