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If You See Something, Do Something
If You See Something, Do Something

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Part four of the series "Contagious Christianity".This entire month we have been teaching about the significance of being sensitive to divine moments. As believers we cannot go through life oblivious to the needs and concerns of hurting humanity. We have been placed in the earth to be a light in the dark world. We should be the beacon of light that points people to Christ who redeems, restores and revives the lives of those who come in contact with Him. It’s one thing to see something but it’s another thing to see something and understand your call to do something. When you are a child of God, you are often called to things that others would pass by. You are often sensitive to things that never show up on the radar of most people. Such was the case in this text. The story of the Jericho road is a blue print for us as believers on how we should demonstrate our love and concern for those who have fallen on tough times. It is a story that helps us all put in perspective our individual relationships to see if it is something we just talk about or something we walk out in our day to day life. God brought you here today because this message is designed to help us see our role when we see something. When we see something we’ve got to do something. We are more like Christ when we do something. We are all here today because He saw us and did something.

Scripture Reference
  • Luke 10: 25-37