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Be A Vessel For Someone Else's Victory
Be A Vessel For Someone Else's Victory

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Part three of the series "Contagious Christianity". It is no secret that God uses us as He sees fit. We learned last week that God puts us in the path of ministry opportunities so that His will can manifest in the earth. It’s rarely about just you, rather it’s often about others God chooses to bless through you. When you are a yielded vessel to the will of God, He can trust you to represent Him in situations where others would embarrass Him. Some people may not ever read the bible but they will read the lives of those of us who profess it. God is sending this word to your life today because you are being chosen as a vessel. God wants to do something through you that will impact the life of people you’ve never met yet. He’s been preparing you for this moment. All the things you’ve gone through have positioned you to be used to this magnitude. This is an opportunity to be a part of someone else’s victory. God is going to put you in the path of people whose life will be changed as a result of what He does through you. It’s not the time to run from it. It’s time to embrace it. This is your season. This is your time.

Scripture Reference
  • Acts 8: 26-40