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The New You
The New You

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Part four of the series "ID: Identified For Destiny". The greatest evidence that we have had an authentic encounter with Christ is change. Nothing or no one comes into contact with Him and leaves the same way. When change occurs things in you and around you become new. Your perspective is new. You don’t look at life through the lens of carnality, now you look at it through the lens of spirituality. One of the things you will discover when change occurs is that some folk will not know how to relate to you. There are people who can never move beyond the old you. The way they communicate with you is from their understanding of the old you. The way they make request is based on what the old you would do. When you have progressed forward you cannot regress into the way things used to be. You must be willing to embrace and walk in the new you regardless of who is willing to accept it. What God wants to do in your life has everything to do with the new you not the old. Don’t apologize for the new you. Don’t spend time crying over what you had to give up from the old you to get the new you. The new you will bring new possibilities, new blessings, and new connections.

Scripture Reference
  • John 11:43